The Table Slide

My Granny was a great inventor of games.  When I was a little girl, she kept me and several of my cousins while our parents worked.  Mostly, it was me and my little brother, Sammy, and our cousins Wally and Sherry.  Wally was closer to my age, maybe around eight years old, and my brother Sammy and Sherry were about five years younger than us.

One summer day, Wally and I had gotten very bored.  Granny had no doubt gotten tired of hearing us say that, and like most kids of that generation, we weren’t allowed to stay in the house unless it was raining.  We had seen while riding in the rich peoples’ neighborhoods that they had swimming pools with fancy slides.  Granny decided we could have just as much fun as those rich kids.  She had already gone to the Big K and got us a plastic swimming pool.  It was about a foot deep, but it was just enough water for us to keep cool.

On that particular day, she remembered that PawPaw had an old enamel table top down in the shed.  She told us to go get it.  Wally and I walked down to the shed excitedly, not sure exactly what Granny had in mind.  We stopped in our tracks when we got there because we remembered PawPaw had said there were snakes in there.  We decided it was worth the risk and quickly scavenged through the old tires and tools and wheelbarrows and other assorted parts of things, until we found said table top.  It was so heavy, but we drug it up through the grass and the gravel driveway to the front yard where Granny was sitting in a metal lawn chair by our little pool.

She got up out of the chair and pulled it over by the pool and turned it around backwards.  She took the table top and propped one end up on the chair and placed the other end in the pool, submersed in the water.  She told Wally to go get the hose and turn it on.  He did as he was told, for once, and she laid the hose over the top of the propped-up table top.

“There…y’all have a slide.  Who wants to go first?”  “Me, me, me,” said Wally.  And thus began the most fun we’d had all summer.  Never mind that as soon as we got to the bottom of the table “slide” we were expelled over the side of the pool and onto the grass.  Never mind that we probably ran up Granny’s water bill exponentially.  We were having the time of our lives.